BOSS Summer Camp

Our 2-week camp from the College of Business on the Long Beach State campus is where we start the multi-year, year-round “process” designed to increase the number of middle school boys who attain proficiency in the core content areas; take Algebra as 8 th graders; achieve proficient/advanced status in reading and math by the end of 8 th grade; and are otherwise high school ready entering 9 th grade. Our focus is on boys who participate in organized sports. We’re not just working to make the student- athlete understand how to be successful, we’re helping them to help their non-athlete peers succeed.

The daily camp schedule includes our early morning “Jump Start”, an hour of non-sport specific training, i.e. agility, change of direction, quickness, speed and strength. Our Jump Start hour is followed by a couple hours in the computer lab for STEM learning and our unique math competition, “Math Madness”. Next up are subject matter presentations from business, personal development and sports industry experts on topics ranging from brand & reputation, danger & power of social media, exam techniques, decision science, social responsibility, transforming beliefs to using constructive criticism. Our camp goal is to begin the process for improving both academic achievement and noncognitive skills.

The lunch hour is reserved for a daily keynote speaker, the opportunity for a business or sports industry leader to share their success strategy with campers. Afternoons are filled with leadership and team building exercises, lectures covering study skills and strategies such as exam techniques, note taking and time management. In between it all, we work in field trips to places like AEG/Staples Center, Applied Minds, Aerospace Corporation, and Google and either a basketball or football clinic to close out the camp.

Our 2-week camp is followed by regularly scheduled school year programming including mentoring, real world experiences and opportunities for advocacy and service. We repeat the process to high school with a view towards developing the resources that will enable us to deliver structured programming to and through college graduation.

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