BOSS Summer Camp

Our 3rd Annual Los Angeles BOSS™ Camp runs  July 24 – August 4; Our 1st Long Beach BOSS™ Camp runs August 7 – August 17th  2017

If you are a middle school student-athlete, BOSS™ is the opportunity of a lifetime! Working with the ESP Education & Leadership Institute team and our BOSS™ faculty, our 2-week summer camp will give you a competitive edge as you prepare for the return of school and the next level of athletic competition.

Our BOSS™ “process” is about achieving success both on the court/field and beyond.  BOSS™ is an integrated academic (STEM based), leadership, mentoring and personal development “process” for student-athletes starting in middle school to high school and through college graduation. Our rigorous sessions,  breakout groups and panels are providing a formal foundation of leadership for the next generation of student-athletes!


BOSS - Los Angeles

BOSS – Los Angeles

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