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We have developed a process, not a program, to equip student-athletes to develop ‘whole” and be positioned and prepared to live a life of purpose.  A process that equips student-athletes to not only excel athletically but to adopt an academic and life balance; to model it as standout athlete; to advocate it among their non-athlete peers; and to use their influence among their peers to Remove Any Obstacles to achievement in the path of an athlete seeking to excel academically and join the ranks of the successful.

We’ve refined the BOSS process through our work with our pro athlete clients, and Emmy Award winning film editor Sean Coffey is just one example of the efficacy of the BOSS process…former pro athletes including Gill Byrd, Richard Dent, Willie Gault, Clark Kellogg, Jerry Rice and Reggie White…who were once young men like the ones we are serving.




We have assembled a team and network of professionals, entrepreneurs and executives who have themselves progressed through the high school to college to professional ranks achieving athletic and academic success simultaneously.  Our sole objective is to invest our accumulated knowledge and experience at a critical time for student-athletes to develop alternative career/life strategies.

Trailblazer Award 2014

ESP’s Everett Glenn accepting the 2014 “Trailblazer in Sports Award” at the 18th Annual Rainbow PUSH Wall Street Project event in NYC

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